Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer Clothing

In the Kansas summer, there are only two clothing items I ever want to wear when I wake up in the morning: sleeveless shirts and dresses. The clothing item of choice to accompany a sleveless shirt is generally a skirt, and the companion for a dress is a light sweater or cotton jacket.

Shorts are... just not that much fun. I wear them, bermuda for work, and shorter ones for play, but I never feel really awesome in shorts.

I generally feel totally great in something swingy and flirty. But I also walk to work in some pretty humid heat, so I can't ever wear polyester, satin, or silk. The sweat problems with those fabrics would be insurmountable.

This is where Patagonia comes in. I just ordered the Patagonia Bandha dress from We'll see how it goes when it comes in. I'm crazy excited about owning a swingy dress in a high performance fabric.

That's also why I like Athleta's stuff. I wore their Melody Miniskirt to see Stevie Wonder play at an outdoor venue in 97 degree heat, and although I danced my booty off, my awesome skirt held its own.

Now that's a good summer clothing story.


  1. I think you have to be incredibly brave (with really fantastic legs) to feel 100% awesome in shorts. I feel 100% either, but that doesn't stop me from wearing them! It just gets too hot.

  2. Oh I bet those look lovely on you! And I never thought of Patagonia for clothing outside of hiking- thanks for the tip!

  3. ohhh... I checked out that dress and it is BEAUTIFUL!!! Stevie Wonder is playing in mtl tonight, and well... we have the same humidity drama over here as you ;)