Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Peeps

These are my favorite people in the world.

Photo credit: Russ.

From L to R: Steph, me, Natalie, CK. Awww...

In other news, grad school is so overwhelmingly monopolizing my life, that I can't think straight any more, and I can't sleep through the night either. So. Yeah, blogging is pretty pointless because nothing makes sense any longer. That is all.


  1. But the important thing is that you look good.

  2. True dat. I love how long my hair is getting and also, that skirt. Love that skirt! Also, look how handsome my husband is!

  3. You're so beautiful! And I love your skirt! Hang in there with grad school... I know what that's like---not easy!

  4. You and your friends are beautiful!
    Good luck with all the grad school stuff! I salute you! I did undergrad and decided that was enough for me ;)

  5. What a lovely picture and love your skirt.
    Best of luck with grad school! Hang in there :)

  6. Fantastic friend photo! I love your skirt. Think of blogging as a release from all that school work!

  7. LOL, yes a web designer with a blog definitely makes sense, haha!

    Oh and they're actually just high waisted trousers that I rolled up - no harem drop down crotch...just a regular one - LOL, I guess I wasn't standing properly :)

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Just wanted to come by and check out your blog! thanks for the nice comment on mine last week! You have such an interesting blog, love all of the posts... they are really fascinating reads! This is a great picture of you and your friends! hope that grad school lets up on you and you get a break some time soon!