Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sewing like a madwoman

Man! I just:
  • Cleaned the feed dogs on my sewing machine
  • Finished sewing a drapery for my living room
  • Hemmed a pair of work slacks
  • Fixed the back of a work dress
Oh, and before that:
  • Folded laundry
  • Got a new air filter for the house
I am all kinds of accomplished. It's amazing what a great sewing machine and excellent lessons can do for you! When I was learning, just a couple of months ago, I was pretty fearful that once my teacher wasn't around I would see that I really couldn't do projects on my own.

But dude! I can! It's insanity.

This is a totally a post that should have pictures, but I'm now tired and ready to tune out and watch football.


  1. I love finding other sewers in the blogosphere. I'd love to see some of the things you make :)

  2. so impressed! sounds like you had a super productive day. those are the best. your so exhausted at the end, but so glad you accomplished so much. cant wait to see some photos of what you've been working on!


  3. Congrats Emily! Pics please! Are you going to make some more of those corsets like the one you have on in your b-day post? I took sewing lessons and made a pair of pajama pants before I went back to doing it all by hand (which really means carrying it to the tailor). Sewing and tennis I just can't master - I'm too forceful.

  4. Feeling so inspired to get a sewing machine!!!
    Great job :)

  5. Very productive! It encourages me to learn :)

  6. Ooo I'm so impressed! Impressed with all you got done AND impressed you can sew! Cath and I took one sewing class after high school, but I still get intimidated threading the machine- hahaha!

  7. ps- you are so right about that legging thing, Emily! And if I could get away with thigh-highs over sweat pants, you know I totally would ;)

    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  8. look at you go lady! Man I have to jump onboard the productive wagon too... tomorrow it's all about cleaning, organizing and building! I will be channelling my inner Emily ;)