Monday, November 30, 2009


I'm writing! The writing has begun!

Yes, yes, I realize that blogging is writing as well, but that's not the only writing I'm doing.

I've decided to compose two pages a night, which, if I can maintain it, will get the whole paper written with a couple days to spare for edits and reorganization. Plus, two pages a night is such a nice, rightly-sized chunk.

Tonight the topic is Foucault, OOTD blogging, and care of the self. Woot!

Man, if I can, I really ought to just take one wee little picture tomorrow. Something to spruce up this monotonous blog space of mine.


  1. Wonderful thinking breaking it down lady! I'm impressed! I'm such a procrastinator, I would be putting it off until the last minute. Good luck! Thanks for all the AMAZING comments this past week. You are fantastic! :)


  2. That is dedication and I know you can do it! Good luck with it all!

  3. p.s. Has it already been a few weeks since the interview?! I had so much fun talking to you, Emily! Good luck with the writing- you sound tres organized and responsible. I know it will be academic-y, but I can't wait to read this tremendous essay ;)

  4. What a great way to go about it! I don't necessarily procrastinate when it comes to school work but when writing anything I have to mull it over for days or weeks before I can write. Good luck!

  5. Foucault? Erg. Nightly goals will get you there in no time. Good luck! Hope to see you back in action soon! :)