Monday, January 4, 2010

Hello 2010

Happy New Year everybody!

Have I mentioned that I play Dungeons and Dragons? My New Year's celebration consisted of a good solid five hour DnD session with my nearest and dearest. My man and I took a train from KC to St. Louis to hang out for a long DnD-filled weekend. It was most excellent, the only trip I've made for the holidays, and fuel for the DnD fire. We came away with tons of ideas for new campaigns.

On a related note, if you're planning to ride Amtrak, and you have the money, splurge on business class. It's quite pleasant, with nicer seats, easy access to the Cafe Car, and more room. Train travel reminded me that it's great to get where you're going without having to worry about road conditions, getting lost, and buying gas. One thing though: pack a snack. The train food is mostly packaged and microwaved. None too appetizing.

And the craft cabinet is RED! Bien sur! J'adore rouge! Seriously, between the craft cabinet, the drapes, and the new floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, I definitely need to take pictures! Some day soon! Lawrence is horribly cold though, hovering around 0 degrees fahrenheit. It has been for the past three weeks, and it's going to be for at least the next 10 days. The cold makes me grumpy and more than a little un-inspired.

The next bit of news: I got A's in my classes! What what?! I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the awesome people who helped out with my research project. Thank you THANK YOU! I wrote two research papers on Outfit of the Day blogs, and apparently they were both well received, since I pulled lovely final grades in the classes. Man, what a relief.

This coming semester my tentative plans are to dig deeper into researching the blogosphere. I might focus particularly on the issues bloggers face with the new legislation regarding sponsored posts. That would widen the lens to include blogs of many types, which my thesis advisor thinks is a necessary step to make the work weighty.

Also, do many of you read Fashionable Academics? I think I'm going to participate in their call for pictures of 1st day of class outfits. Seems fun!


  1. Good to see you back Emily! Happy New Year and congrats on your highly amazing grades!

    I've been tempted to take the train from Vancouver to Seattle but I hear it's extremely frightful. However, there's an Amtrack deal from here to Portland that could be worth a gander.

    Be sure to share your 1st Day of Class Outfit if you post one on Fashionable Academics!

  2. Yay! Congratulations!!! You have every reason to be UBER proud of yourself!
    Please please please post pictures of the room :) I need some design inspiration.
    Off to check out Fashionable Academics for the first time!

  3. That sponsored post stuff is such crap! Congrats on your grades and DnDing. :)

  4. I don't know anything about DnD, but it sounds like fun.

    I love traveling by Amtrack (when I have the money) - it's so much more relaxing than flying.

  5. happy new year!

    and congrats on the As, feels pretty good to do good :)

    jess s//

  6. What were your findings on the OOTD papers? I just saw your post on Academichic re it. Just curious!

  7. Congratulations!
    Happy New Year! It sounds like you are having a great time :) I want to see pictures of the home works!

  8. Thank you for noticing that I have lost weight :) I gained a good bit when Sophie was here (combination of eating everything she ate and not working out) and I was starting to feel really gross. So I have been working out a lot and finally feel really great. You made me day with your comment! Thank you!

  9. I rode the train all the time in Europe, but have yet to do so here. Thanks for the business class tip; I'm thinking about trying Amtrak this summer! :-)

  10. Oooooh red!!! You go girl! Gotta be one of my fave colors :)

    Congrats on your A's!!! If you need a guinea pig again I am always available my dear ;)

    Also... my bf is a big fan of D&D... every tuesday it is a no-girls allowed marathon (and a sex and the city one for moi)

    Keep up the amazing all around life work girl! You seem to have an amazing balance right now!


  11. haha, That sounds like a fun weekend! I must admit, this winter break my sister & I dug up our Super Nintendo & have been spending WAY too much time playing a little gem called Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Oh, yeah. Pretty intense. haha :]

  12. Thank you so much for the music suggestions. I am going to take some time this week and preview everything I am not familiar with!

    I was catching up on some of your posts, and really enjoy your blog!

  13. congrats on your A's!
    and oh man, i'm with you on train travel. i LOVE taking the amtrak; it is so much better than air travel these days. no lines and security and baggage hassles, and you get to see the country as it goes by and plug in your laptop and work (if you're a nerd).