Wednesday, June 30, 2010

World Cup and Politics

Wondering who to root for now that we're in World Cup stage 2? I posted this on Buzz this morning and here's a re-post:

The Netherlands - Because of legalized prostitution, bike culture, and beautiful ball movement.
Brazil - Because they're world beaters.
Paraguay - Because football is their national sport.
Ghana - Because they're the last African team left.
Germany and Argentina - No sentiment here, if you are a betting man, this is where you put your money.
Spain - Because David Villa is the last secretly great football player.
Uruguay - Because they are the true underdogs, and really no one will be rooting for them.

Pick a reason, and work backwards from there to find your team.

In movie reviews, my sweetie and I watched the Weather Underground last night. It was... disturbing. Good, but I had dreams about it and they were sad. It's a historical/political documentary, so if you don't go in for that sort of thing, maybe don't rent. But if you do, it's good, like I said, just sad.

For somewhat related fun, do you know where you stand on the political ideology spectrum? Political Compass gives a test that is actually pretty interesting. I'm right next to the Dalai Lama, near Gandhi: left libertarian. Posting online about your politics is like posting your weight. Kinda scary actually.



  1. the question is who are YOU rooting for? I'm a fan of the netherlands myself! they played well last world cup and have so far here. I was of course cheering for the U.S to no avail. one of the defenders on the U.S team is a friend of mine from high school, though sadly he didn't play in the actual tournament games because he showed really poorly in the practice round games. anyways, thanks for the team breakdown! glad to see that the U.S is finding more interest in soccer! finally! hope that you are having a fantastic summer. are you in kansas for the summer or going any where fun? what else are you and your man up to? we have been working on the house non stop and it always makes me think of how you warned me that I was going to spend all of my "clothing money" on the house. its too true, my friend. :) well I am off to the daunting task of finally unpacking my closet. if I don't re-emerge by tmrw, please send a search party. lol


  2. wow...i think that i've to ask my brother...he really obsessed with world cup :D

  3. I was rooting for Mexico because I like tacos. (half-kidding)

    I took that political spectrum thing once. It called me a socialist and put me close to Hillary Clinton. Sounds about right.

  4. hahaha! I love this! We are big soccer fans in our household, and have been deciding who to root for now that the US is out.

    I watched the Weather Underground a number of years ago...great film. Actually, I may watch it again as a refresher. It has been a while.

  5. I love this post. Seriously. I was for Ghana and wanted them to win so badly. I was for Argentina when they lost against Germany. Now I honestly could not care less.

    Will have to rent Weather Underground. Thanks for the suggestion!

  6. i am obsessed with the world cup! OBSESSED!!! so naturally this post is amazing.

  7. Who are you routing for today, Emily?! I'm so bummed I'm at work and can't watch the game!

  8. Just got your comment but couldn't find an email addy to send you a long rambly not quite crazy response - so I'll just say your comment was a fabulous pickmeup on a rough day.

    Also - world cup - haven't gotten to watch too much b/c of work/travel but have been following so many twitter accounts live updating the matches.
    Got into a hollering match with a coworker today who deigned to tell me that "soccer is boring."

  9. Nooo nooo don't delete your comment, Emily! They did make me laugh, but not before I thought Alicia Keys was giving me constructive criticism (I wasn't wearing glasses, ok??). But yes, curse the internet text having lack of context. D:

    As always, I fully appreciate your awesome words.

    Enter my Thai Jewelry Giveaway!

  10. I wish I cared about Soccer but I just don't. lol. I like whatever teams that have a choreographed victory dance.

    And the answer to my trivia question on my latest post: To be honest there are two answers. I am glad to be home because my trip Virginia WAS HELL ON EARTH!!! and Resigning was also a highlight of the day:)