Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Interview Setup

I had some time between interviews to create a post. Probably not quite as much time as I need, since I wanted to include pictures, but it's possible.

So here's a staged picture of me doing an interview. I am actually too busy during a real interview to do this, but this is pretty realistic in terms of what is going on on my end of the phone line if you're being interviewed by me.

And here is my trusty equipment, including the very awesome Olympus digital voice recorder that I use:

There you see my handy phone card so that I'm not putting the interviews on my office's phone bill. Also pictured, the beloved Oral Consent form. Very important.

Lastly, here's a close-up of why I call people for interviews and how they get from the phone to the voice recorder:

See the little black box? That's what patches the recorder onto the phone line so I get a great recording. It's just one extra detail to set-up that makes a world of difference in recording quality.

So yeah. I just wanted to preserve for posterity what my evenings after work have been looking like, when I switch over to working on my thesis research. Good times!

Emily K.


  1. Whoa! Check out that nifty gear! Have I ever told you how much I love your tattoos?

  2. It's fun to see where you're sitting when we talked! It was so great to talk to you the other day--Christopher and I had a loooooong conversation at dinner about blogging and feminism. I can't wait to hear more about your project as it develops.

  3. love your setup - is the quality coming out nicely with mobile phones? I've been fussing with various phone recorder setups like a mad woman for band interviews. I have quite a few that seem to record a decent enough sound on the recorder but the whole thing falls apart once I transfer it to a .wav for editing.
    As with WWANW, I'm so thrilled to follow your project as it develops - thanks so much for letting me participate!

  4. Love the bright colourful clutch!


  5. So THIS is the exclusive behind the scenes look! You know, I never really got a close look at those tattoos, but they're awesome-- you should do a post exclusively featuring them (if you haven't already!).

    Good luck with the rest of your thesis! I thought it was very interesting (not to mention slightly nerve-wracking at first! just for me, I'm usually a nervous person, haha) to talk about the act of blogging itself. But then, you already know how long I can blab on about stuff like that. x)

    Toast with Charmalade

  6. This is such a great post! Love the insight into your world of interviews. :)

  7. SO cool! I have an awesome visual of when you interviewed me! Great post into your world - love it!

  8. I never really knew how reporters taped phone calls, so there was clarity..brilliant! Looks like it's all about that lil' black box! Love your Paul Frank pencil case!!!! soooo cool!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  9. awesome! Its interesting to see how it all works :)

  10. A baby?!? I had no idea! Congratulations :) You are going to be such an awesome mommy.

  11. hahaha, looks VERY high tech and technical. been working on a project that requires just this sort of equipment, actually.

  12. Oh my, I realize now that I never had a chance to reply to your emails... I have been so busy I'm so sorry!!! Good luck on staying focused and moving forward on your thesis research!

  13. Hi Emily! It's been too long since I've commented!
    I love that you posted how this works! It's very behind-the-scenes. And I must say that I wish I looked as good as you do after a long day of work and then starting in on my (hypothetical) thesis- sheesh! Hope everything is going well!
    Best, Lar

  14. Oh woman --- I couldn't feel any more like a whale! seriously! It's the most awkward feeling to not be able to look straight down and see my toes! I've actually gained a lot more than I had been hoping for -- 35 lbs so far and still like 10+ weeks to go... YIKES... but as long as we are healthy and safe, it doesn't matter!