Monday, August 9, 2010

My Renaissance Festival Costume

Last week was busy in two ways. Let's set baseline behavior at working for 40 hours a week. But I always do that. How can we layer on some more?

I emailed requests to many folks in the Personal Style Blogging community to be interview participants. I created a database of contact info, and a database of my interview schedule, and then I started populating both. Thank you SO MUCH to people who have agreed to sit for an interview! This is great!

If you keep a personal style blog in which you post pictures of what you wear, you're interested in being a particpant, but haven't yet received an invite, leave your email address and I'll be in contact.

The next layer was that I worked on my Renaissance Festival costume! I would have loved to use the one I wore last year, but that wasn't going to work with my pregnant belly. So all last week my girl Natalie Parker and I worked out a design, went fabric shopping, pinned, cut, and sewed, and put it all together. Natalie is an outstanding seamstress and made the completely custom mini bodice, most of the chemise and the gorgeous skirt with the complicated ruffle. The skirt has frenched seams! All that I really contributed was making the bloomers and finishing the chemise. Yesterday we took photos and here's how it turned out:

My make-up is garish and the skirt is hiked up because the character I play at Festival is a whore in Madam Red's brothel. It's going to be particularly ridiculous this year with the pregnancy, but what is fun without some ridiculousness?

This costume was so much fun to work on, I really want to make something awesome for Halloween! Any ideas?

So there you have it: work, school, fun. It was a great week!


  1. You are so totally gorgeous, Emily, that your beauty shines through even garish make-up! I love your costume!

    Halloween.... I still think my Inigo Montoya costume from two years ago was my favorite ever. What about doing something steam punkish?

  2. Adorable! But I don't know if you noticed . . . in that photo, your bloomers are showing! :o

  3. whoa, can't believe you made that! It looks crazy! a good way.

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  4. @La Historiadora - THANK YOU! That is so kind. And your idea about steam punk is excellent. As soon as I started giving it some thought, I came up with some neat concepts.

    @cklarock - He he! You know it!

  5. Lovely blog!
    I would like to invite you to mine - I think you will really like it :))
    Also, the main reason for my invitation is that I want to invite you to join my Challenge - just click on the link at the very top of my left sidebar and see what it is - I hope you will find it exciting :)
    In any case - I hope you enjoy my blog and of course feel free to follow me if you do! ;)

    Much love,

  6. awesome costume! you look so totally saucy!

    thanks for the photo of lovely peaches too

  7. Lady, you are one fierce-looking Renaissance floozy! (This is probably the only context in which one could take that as a compliment)

    nat //

  8. WOw what an awesome costume! I have to sttart thinking of halloween ideas as well... last year I was a third class passenger on the titanic and that was fun!

  9. I went to the one here in Atlanta and loved it!

  10. Wow, what a beautiful costume! Love those bloomers! We have a really wonderful Renaissance Festival near Magnolia, Texas in the fall. Hopefully, I'll be going this year for all the great food and festivities.


  11. you look so gorgeous! and really, nothing says classy like a pregnant gal dressed up like a renaissance whore :)

  12. Oh my goodness! Congratulations lady! I had no idea you were expecting!!!! You look beautiful and I'm so happy for you!

  13. I'll participate, though my blog isn't very old.