Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Parker's Beware the Wild

So, grad school is moving along swimmingly. I turned in two finals this week and now all I want to do is dance. The end of the semester is not my only good reason for partying like a wild woman. One of my best friends EVAR, Natalie Parker just got a two-book deal for her debut young adult novel, Beware the Wild. Here's the Publisher's Marketplace announcement (which I thank my graduate advisor for emailing around).

Natalie Parker's BEWARE THE WILD, pitched as Twin Peaks meets The Village, in which a claustrophobic Louisiana town is dominated by its sinister, encroaching swamp, which swallows up a boy who is instantly forgotten by everyone except his sister, and replaced by a mysterious girl from the past who is intent on taking over his family and his life, to Phoebe Yeh at Harper Children's, in a good deal, in a pre-empt, in a two-book deal, for publication in Winter 2014, by Sarah Davies at the Greenhouse Literary Agencyy (NA).

Is that fabulous, or what?! Yes, now I will know two amazing young adult authors in this one little college town. Life is truly grand.

Non sequitor: I love summer. Pool parties are second best to dance parties.


  1. You are wonderful. I will go to the pool with you this summer. I'll even get myself a new suit. I'm eyeing one on ModCloth...

  2. I'm so excited about ALL THE BOOKS!!!

  3. U are so stylish! what do u say about following each other sweetie?:X